Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Love Note by Shantel

This post was written by one of our really close friends, Shantel:

We each have a unique path in life, and I feel incredibly blessed that mine has crossed with this wonderful couple. Chris & Julianne are two of my favorite people. As a birth mom myself, I have a special connection to them and where they are headed in this adoption journey. It is so refreshing to hear from two people who are genuinely interested in making an adoption connection forged in honesty and true acceptance. They are both looking forward to building a relationship that the family their child comes from can be comfortable with. They are excited to celebrate the unique personality and character of the child they will raise, and will always share with them the love that has been experienced by all to create their family.

My most favorite aspect of Chris is that he is simply hilarious. He has the ability to bring out laughter in everyone even during times that would seem challenging. He is kind and thoughtful, and has a genuine interest in other people. He is a talented artist and musician, and enjoys sharing those gifts with others. I strongly believe that he will be a fantastic father, and has so many things to offer his children. The greatest things he will offer are stability and a strong love and respect for his wife, all of which are incredibly important.

There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for my friendship with Julianne. She is the most genuinely caring, non-judgmental person I have ever come in contact with. There is a warmth about her that brings out the best in everyone. She has inspired me in countless ways, and has been so encouraging of where I am headed in my life. Her natural abilities in all things crafty and artistic astound me. Her eye for beautiful and unique things is simply amazing. She is so thoughtful and loves to share her creative talents with those she cares about. She is giving, not only of her talents, but also of her time and wisdom. There are a great deal of moments I treasure between us, simply because she was there to offer her support and guidance. I have had the pleasure of experiencing her interact with my daughter, as well as several children in her family. While I realize it has been a long and painful journey for her towards parenthood, I strongly believe she was blessed with that wait so she could develop a great ability as a caregiver. She has so much love, kindness, and patience to offer a child. Julianne will be an amazing mother, and I look forward to seeing her blossom in that role.

There is a strong stability and love within their extended families. I have met both Chris and Julianne's parents, as well as several of both of their siblings. Everyone in the family has been very warm and accepting. I know that as they have witnessed what Chris and Julianne have experienced in their infertility struggles, the family as a whole has been strengthened. An open and honest relationship exists within the entire family. Everyone has been supportive and they are all excited as Chris and Julianne pursue adoption to build their family.

Upon my first meeting of each of them, I knew something wonderful was bound to develop between us. As our friendship grows, I have learned to love them even more. I am inspired each day by the strength in their relationship. After so many obstacles have been placed in their way, they remain firm in their love for each other. All of the challenges they have faced have only strengthened their connection. Chris has been incredibly supportive of Julianne as she has faced a great deal of physical and emotional pain, and in return she has been there for Chris during times of confusion and frustration. Through all of the mix of emotions they have sifted through together, a powerful love exists.

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